Link Between Solar Activity and Earthquakes

Current solar activity related to Haiti earthquake?

The Sun is erupting; Earth is reeling.  And we had better brace ourselves.  With the increase in sunspots since December, we’re seeing more earthquakes around the world…and it’s no mere coincidence.

The surge of sunspots over the past month has culminated in the relatively behemoth 1040, actually the remains of sunspot 35, which traversed the Sun’s face about a week ago and was expected to dissipate quickly.  Instead the churning magnetic field made it all the way across the Sun’s backside and, in rare fashion, turned back into a raging sunspot again, stronger and more defined than ever.

And so it appears that the long and rather strange hibernation of the Sun is coming to an end.

Our magnetosphere is being battered by particle-charged streams coming from the Sun as well as cosmic galactic rays being propelled into our solar system.  Earth is like the ball in a cosmic tennis game.  Her crust can bear so much buffeting.  Nebraska and Oklahoma recorded earthquakes in the past month, just two odd spots along shuddering fault lines all over the planet shifting as Earth entrains with the fiery rhythm of the Sun.

In the first two weeks of the year, an active sunspot region and an equatorial, Earth-facing coronal hole have developed and become prominent, if transient, features.  Geomagnetic effects are jarring Earth’s crust and weakening the supports we depend on.

I don’t suggest that anyone give up on the power of positive thinking, just that they be aware of the quantifiable link between solar activity and earthquakes.  As solar activity grows, as it will, we’ll see more extremes:  more earthquakes, more floods. Because of the tectonics involved, more active volcanism is likely too.

The devastation might take many by surprise, as it did a few days ago.

On the afternoon of 12 January 2010, Haiti fell, collapsing in an unanticipated snapshot of time.  Port-au-Prince shook and tumbled and cried out from its deepest heart, brought down in seconds by the strongest earthquake the country has borne for two centuries.  My tears are meager offerings at this time.

The Sun was also speaking loudly that day:  a 15% chance of an M-Class flare was predicted (but didn’t occur), and the solar wind’s density was a relatively high 7.2 protons/cm3.  We still haven’t seen an M-Class flare yet in Solar Cycle 24, but the chance is higher now than in recent memory:  at the time of this writing, we face a 1-in-5 chance of experiencing an M-Class flare, and windstream density is currently just 1.6 protons/cm3.

When will the next big flare up occur?  Haiti’s the latest victim, but what other regions on Earth are vulnerable to seismic and volcanic activity?  What can we do to prepare?

All of this activity is conceivably leading up to a truly epic solar maximum, which should peak in the next few years - just in time for 2012.  If so, my friend, we either make peace with leaving or we try to save ourselves.  Therein lies the great question of our time - one we’ll surely ponder as we approach the horizon of an era.


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7 Responses to “Link Between Solar Activity and Earthquakes”

  1. Bright Garlick Says:

    Hi Stace :

    I really like your blog - it seems we have a lot in common and think alike.

    It’s nice to know there are others who are watching the suns activity carefully.

    By the way, I’d love to have your involvement in a new project I’m setting up :
    As : Global Consciousness Experiments - (not quite ready yet). I’m starting a trial experiment with the circle makers tonight and hope to make this a monthly event. If you know of other people who would be interested, please let them know.

    Also I’d love to share my thoughts with you about Paul Vigays death.

    Keep up the great work. The world needs more open minded and open hearted people like you.


    Bright Garlick.

  2. 53north Says:

    In infra red satellite weather photos, you can easily see stress and occasional faults & hotspots glowing, mainly through gravitation effects.
    It’d be interesting to tie in magnetic effects.

  3. Oklahoma Earthquake Says:

    (Note: At the referenced site you can read about today’s temblor in Oklahoma - the biggest in the state in over 10 years. Added by Site Admin, 15 January 2010.)

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  4. mike Clelland! Says:

    I have two “sister” blogs, this is one of ‘em - the other is linked below. Both have a posting on the frightening implications of our sun.

    Both blog’s are written by smart women, and I think they are the same age. Very curious…

  5. David Dunn Says:

    Great to see a few people linking the suns activities to those on earth.
    I am a farmer and interested in the activity of the sun and its influences on the earth in terms of the radiation effects and spectral disturbances there are and its effects directly on plants and also the effects on the amount of cloud induced by the sun.
    I have been thinking about the earthquake linkage for some time but have found few people really attempting to really understand it.
    To me is simple , the earth is a ballon full of liqiud and a relavivly thin crust on it so it will be influenced greatly by magnetic and solar winds changing the shape of the planet.
    This must be detectable in a host of ways, so why has it taken so long for the scientific community to link these basics elements together?

  6. Dr Wang Says:

    My God. I have never thought th sun’s activity can affect the earth.
    I thought that should be the tide force of the sun and the moon.
    If the solar event (not only the tide force) can trigger the earthquake, that will
    be nice to me. Sth you done is useful for others. I like the poster given by the David Dunn, fantastic farmer. I do not mean you are wrong because I don’t know the answer either. I have read a news from NASA that a solar event changed the angular velocity of the earth mildly and briefly. That is to say,
    the solar has the ability to change the momentum and angular momentum of the earth. In this case, the earthquake is possible to occur.

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